2008 Birel R30


08junior r30 1st tn.jpgBirel R30 (Click on photos to enlarge)
Chassis Specifications & Standard Equipment:

- 30mm chassis construction (32mm front bar)
- Wheelbase: 1040mm
- Rear Width: 645mm, Front Width: 715mm
- Overall Length: 1600mm
- 40mm (40x3x1040M) Freeline axle
- Birel MTS* accessory package
- Birel hybrid brake system (model "C")
08junior r30 2nd tn.jpg- Vented rear brake rotor
- Freeline DH-Series Aluminum wheels
- 8-Liter fuel tank
- 300mm "Motorsport" steering wheel
- Freeline CIK03-08 bodywork
- Freeline aluminum motor mount
- Optional rear torsion, Magnesium wheels
- Optional spherical castor/camber adjusters

*Birel MTS accessory package includes aluminum anodized components & "Motorsport" steering wheel.

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