Rock karts For Sale

We're looking for an early spring and going to try and open on March 15 will keep you posted


Hello racers,


It's time to think Spring! WE are! As you can see, our staff has completely refurbished the Rock kart program karts. They have been placed ...on the flat plate to insure they are square and true. They ARE! Engines have been gone through, carbs rebuilt and clutches repaired. Right now all we need are team drivers for our first test day to make sure they are working properly.


Race tracks who are looking to make money rather than spend it should call us as this fleet offers free delivery in the month of February! There are a total of 12 units equipped with belt drive systems (very clean operation and no chain oil) plus they have the 4 to 1 gear reduction system (GX 270 model). The speed is just as fast as the higher HP motors. The weight of the 9 HP is very drivable and offers good longevity.


We have had great luck with this combination. This fleet has been on track for two years and look how great of a condition they are in. A new package like this is $5800. Your price today is $3850 per unit. A minimum of ten needed to get the offer of free

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